Also known as

  • Dirty Bush
  • Snusk
  • Snuskbuske

Location: Stockholm, Sweden Edit location

Snuskbuske was a modemtrader and sysop of the amiga/pc bbs Guru's Dream in the 08 area code (greater Stockholm). He ran it for The Dream Team between august 1992 and february 1993 (5 nodes), and for Dual Crew Shining at least in 1993. The BBS was listed as offline in DCS cracktros from november 1993, and a board listing released in november of 1994 read 'Snuskbuske is in jail, Guru's Dream is offline forever.' However, in Celebre nfo's from 1997, it was back as their Europen HQ.

He was voted 1st on the Swedish Top List of modemtraders for january of 1992. He was voted 1st in Swedish Top 30 2 (march 1992) and 1st in the Swedish Top 30 List 5 (june 1992) top uploader charts (both as a member of Dual Crew).


Agamemnon and Snuskis Apr 1998
Snuskis / Dual Crew Shining Nov 1997
Agamemnon and Snuskis Jun 1997
Agamemnon and Snuskis Jun 1997
Amiga AGA - Demo
Snusk / Dual Crew Shining Dec 1996
Snuskis Nov 1996
AGA Multitasking Demo - Graphics (raytrace) (as Snuskbuske)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Dual Crew Shining Aug 1993
ECES Slide - Graphics (digitized pictures), Text (as Snuskbuske)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Slideshow
Dual Crew Jun 1991
Snuskbuske's Docdisk 1 - Text (Editing) (as Snuskbuske)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Docsdisk
Dual Crew Mar 1991
Just For Fun - Text (as Snuskbuske)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Dual Crew Apr 1990

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