by Echo / LSD

  • Released 24 October 1992



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Gargaj - 09:59 25 December 2022 #

Hmmm, compare to ...?

platon42 - 19:16 25 December 2022 #

Interesting. There is not much time between the two releases -- either Echo is one of "The Samplemixers" or he was under pressure to fill up JoEs with some more stuff -- or "The Samplemixers" got hold of beta-tunes of JoEs. But there is a big overlap of samples across all JoEs tune with this one, so I guess it's more likely that Echo also released as one of "The Samplemixers". Interestingly, JoEs (also in other modules) and Freedom both use C15 as volume setting for track delayed echo, which is a very particular choice (I guess I would have chosen C18).

Nice find, Gargaj.

asle - 09:57 26 December 2022 #

both got "inspiration" from Antico-We Need Freedom.