Fried Bits 1993:


  • 9th - 12th April 1993
  • Bremen, Germany
Other Fried Bits parties:

Fried Bits 1993 was held in Bremen, Germany. It was the first Fried Bits event.

The party was arranged by Channel 38, Lazer and Newline of the Ind. About 100 people visited the party and the really first Falcon 030 Intro were released by Chaos/Sanity. Aura and Animal Mine joined the Ind. Due to the lack of entries there were no compos held.


Atari ST/E - Invitation
Channel 38 and Lazer / The Independent Jan 1993
Paper - Invitation
The Independent 1993


Atari ST/E - Diskmag, Pack
Disk Busters Association Apr 1993
Atari ST/E - Diskmag, Pack
Chaos and Digi Tallis and Lazer and Redlite and The Mega Four Apr 1993
Atari ST/E - Intro
East Cracking Group Apr 1993
Atari ST/E - Demo, Pack
Risk Apr 1993
Atari ST/E - Demo
Psychonomix Apr 1993
Atari ST/E - Tool
Risk Apr 1993
Atari Falcon - Demo
Sanity Apr 1993

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