Compusphere 1993 (1):


Compusphere 1993 was the first Compusphere event, held at the lunch room of Östrabogymnasiet in Uddevalla, Sweden by Galaktiska Institutet. 42 people showed up for the event.

Both an exact date (thanks to main organizer Orjan we now know the month) and complete results are missing for this party.

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orjan - 17:07 20 February 2015 #

I don't know how to edit the main info about the event, but there was 42 people showing up. I was the head organizer for this event, and one of the founders of Galaktiska Institutet. It was hold in the lunchroom of the school.

menace - 12:34 21 February 2015 #

Thanks for the support Orjan! Regular users cannot edit the trivia/info fields, but bring stuff to our attention and we're glad to edit!

Thanks for the info - if you can find any additional information, feel free to let us know. We're around here, on our forums, or on irc #demozoo on ircnet.

Any surviving productions apart from the two listed above would be most welcome. We'll be happy to provide hosting for anyhing. Let us know :)