X 2021:

"X 2020 +1: Our 25 +1 years anniversary"

- cancelled

Postponed next year due to COVID-19 pandemic.

From the CSDB party page: "Due to the pandemic we sadly have to postpone X. The financial risks are simply too great for us to gamble on a cure being available before November."

Later added on Facebook: "It has been a very tough call but, we have decided to postpone X-2021 until further notice. Considering all uncertainties we do not want to put the financial future of X at risk. By cancelling the contract with the location we get more freedom to schedule a new or better date. As soon as the situation has normalised X will return! Stay healthy and see you as soon as possible!"

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ericorsio - 20:45 17 May 2020 #

I hope the pandemic would be over by then, considering that edition would be probably more special than the in the last 2 years. I eagerly wait for the party bi-yearly release-wise, in case you couldn't tell. :P

ericorsio - 09:19 26 May 2020 #

Well, I guess it's time to wait a bit longer, not even sad about the situation, just disappointed.

ericorsio - 08:39 27 November 2020 #

Welp, this was going to be the official date for this year as I'm typing this, and the compos were gonna start tomorrow. I'm getting impatient a little bit here. :(

rmd - 05:35 28 November 2020 #


ericorsio - 06:20 26 March 2021 #

Well, it has been cancelled apparently. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later...

ericorsio - 20:46 26 March 2021 #

Let's look on the bright side, because the orgas will be going to prepare for something even more spectacular next year, since that would also coincidentally be the 40th anniversary of the breadbox itself. :D