X 2018

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ericorsio - 16:20 7 March 2018 #

I don't know about you guys, but for me X is such a special demoparty 'release-wise' that I started waiting passionately every 2 years. Wonder what this year will bring us.

ericorsio - 16:21 18 April 2018 #

I know that the party website is up, but one more thing; if X'2020 (the 20s!) would be announced, I'll be very awed that the C64 scene will still be going strong and could not be dead, EVER. :D

ericorsio - 07:25 2 October 2018 #

One month left, so hyped right now, can't wait! 8D

ericorsio - 17:02 2 October 2018 #

Not to spam so much, but, what's the newly added "Confirmed" tab in the visitors page? If so, then what does "No" mean? Is it like some sceners are not so sure to come here?

ericorsio - 17:55 11 October 2018 #

NVM, looked up the party's Twitter page. The sceners have to check their e-mails to confirm to the party, I get it.