The intro has advertisements for Moonlight Sonata BBS and Beekeeper BBS, both finnish boards.


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DarkElf - 10:50 13 November 2022 #

*wave* Hey everyone, I'm the person who did graphics for this demo (aka DarkElf). Everything was done in situ; it was a hot weekend (temperature-wise) and the class room I had booked for our demo group was much better solution than what we had in 1992.

I ran out of ideas while my brain was trying to deal with noise and hassle of the room, and I just recall comatose-style napping I was doing on the floor between trying to squeeze something graphics-like out of myself and scrounging for food.

The absolutely funniest bit was afterwards: screencaps of our demo were mistakenly attributed as a winner of Assembly 93 24h demo category in one of the international Amiga magazines, right down to those stony DDG letter blocks. Ouch and LOL!