• Intro

Disk Cat Intro

by Prophecy PDL


Know something about this production that we don't?

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applecrypt - 08:52 13 April 2015 #

I thought this was pretty fantastic myself. Cool fx.

TronicOfEffect - 11:26 13 April 2015 #

The intro was written by a guy called DOMINION but I have no idea who he is or if it was a pseudonym for someone we all know (I suspect the later). Can you send me over the intro PRG and I will disassemble to see if there are any clues - be nice to know.

This intro came about by a guy I used to know who lived near me and I used to see regularly - pre-PC. He knew Dominion. Dominion coded him 10 or so full screen intros like this for his PD Library. The guy I knew never started the PD Library in the end, so he allowed me to adopt the name and this intro. :) I have NEVER seen the other intros he did - they were amazing, so it was a shame they were never relased :( lost...forever I suspect.

TronicOfEffect - 11:26 13 April 2015 #

I've just seen Dominion was in Awesome - so, maybe this intro was written by Griff of E.A. as he coded several intros for Awesome. Ideas?