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Module Collection 4

by Ambassadors


Know something about this production that we don't?

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Hello hello helloooouuuuuuu !!!!!!!! This is dr.Snotface on keys !!!!! With Ambassadors module collection 4 but bofore bullshit greetings credits and other iformation!!!!! this intro was coded by Larry Lamer and me. Gfx by larry and muzak by count zero(becouse others are with db) ..........ggggreetings goes to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B.A.T,Admirables(nirvana,sturm and tormenator) ,Clan(maniac),ardzi kauppila,Blues Boys(acid,duffy) ,Santaclaus(goood xmas presents)
,mum(good food)dad (nice car),................AND OLL OTHER CONTACTS!!!!!!! I'had to do this intro(with Larry's source and God's helfull gifts) becouse DB is on holiday. Do anyone have good killing way, becouse my neighbour kids are so idiot gay assholes that are raping their dog in ours backyard and it's very noisy play and i hatehatehatehate to work in that noise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya can send your killing ideas to..... ANSAKATU 14,94700 KEMI FINLAND OR IF YOU ARE GOOD CODER SWAPPER OR SOMETHING ELSE CONTACT US.... MESITIE 3,94700 KEMI FINLAND .... MESITIE 3,94700 KEMI FINLAND I HAVE TO END THIS SCROLL BECOUSE NEIGHBOUR SHITS STARTED IT AGAIN!!