• Demo

AD:6502 (Arsantica 2)

by Desire

some additional informations:

  • Logo blending works in 50 fps
  • Fractal flight uses mode10 (9 colors) including "Koronis Rift"-like depths shading
  • texture rotating planet. Watch closer as it is not only a texture planet but also shaded in realtime
  • warp core is just a nice combination of mode9 and mode14 with sprite overlays 50 fps
  • flip disc roto-zoomer uses "Graham"-method but here with 16x16 16shade texture... should run in 50 fps
  • big scroll picture 160x720 pic size with sprite scroller on top, no borders... use complete 239 scanlines, line distorting done by manipulating copper list ;)
  • Interference bump run in approx. 25 fps or faster.
  • Endsequence realtime radial blur, no animation with vertical sprite scroller. I just added horizontal movement.

I know that it has long loading times. I am using XE-ram banks and the artwork needs to be loaded, too... I was using xBIOS loader and this allows depacking while loading... :) and again for non Atarians here... track loaders (fast loader plus music) are nearly impossible on A8 as the sound chip does the serial transfer, too. but next time I might use another way :).

and target machine was stock 130XE (128kb) with stock 1050 disc drive :).

ps. When running in Altirra emulator please use 130 XE PAL/Stereo with 128KB RAM.


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ltk_tscc - 10:18 7 December 2014 #

Rocks hard!

SaphirJD - 13:38 7 December 2014 #

Amazing :)