• Cracktro

The Dark Castle Cracktro

by ST Computer Service


Know something about this production that we don't?

The Dark Castle WAS CRACKED BY THE LORD FROM S.T.C.S. WELL, THIS DEMO IS NOT FINISHED YET, BUT A GOOD ONE MADE IN ASM 68000 WILL COME AFTER A FEW DAYS (WEEKS, MONTHS...). NOW, HERE ARE THE GREETINGS: 42 CREW (BLADE RUNNER), TEX, MMC, BOSS, CATS CLUB, AHA, THE COBRA, TNT, RBCG. THE PROTECTION WAS REALLY COOL (10 MINUTES). 14 JANVIER 88. ABOUT Dungeon Master: My cracked version kills your men every 45 minutes, to avoid the last protection (I hope) save your game every 30 minutes. NOW, PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.


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