The Dark Castle Cracktro

by ST Computer Service

The Dark Castle WAS CRACKED BY THE LORD FROM S.T.C.S. WELL, THIS DEMO IS NOT FINISHED YET, BUT A GOOD ONE MADE IN ASM 68000 WILL COME AFTER A FEW DAYS (WEEKS, MONTHS...). NOW, HERE ARE THE GREETINGS: 42 CREW (BLADE RUNNER), TEX, MMC, BOSS, CATS CLUB, AHA, THE COBRA, TNT, RBCG. THE PROTECTION WAS REALLY COOL (10 MINUTES). 14 JANVIER 88. ABOUT Dungeon Master: My cracked version kills your men every 45 minutes, to avoid the last protection (I hope) save your game every 30 minutes. NOW, PRESS ANY KEY TO CONTINUE.


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