Desert Dream

by Kefrens

This is what it looked like live in the demo competition.

The 'skull in the rubble' image is a copy of the artwork for "Stone Cold Sober", a Tankard album released in 1992.


  • Airwalk - Graphics (graphics, additional design)
  • Blizzart - Graphics
  • Laxity - Code (main), Graphics (design), Music
  • Mellica - Graphics
  • R.W.O - Graphics
  • Zeus - Code (additional), Graphics (additional design)

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el-topo - 07:48 12 April 2019 #

A true masterpiece. I'm changing the download link for disk A because of a graphics error in the beginning of that image. The corrupted DMS-file is still on amigascne and if you want it.

el-topo - 07:50 12 April 2019 #

P.S. Feature request: the ability to edit typos :)

menace - 14:13 12 April 2019 #

I can only agree. And as an added bonus, I saw it "live" when it was first presented. :D

el-topo: *pooof* some magic smoke suddenly appears, then disappears, taking your typo with it!

el-topo - 21:32 12 April 2019 #

menace: Thanks for the magic :)