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Know something about this production that we don't?


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TMR - 20:33 12 March 2016 #

There's two versions in the D64 - the first file uses an SFX Sound Sampler to play 8 bit samples, the second plays standard 4 bit volumne-based ones for folks without the hardware.

dad1916 - 23:48 13 March 2016 #

All quiet on the western front.
Loading with Vice but no audio :(

TMR - 14:18 14 March 2016 #

VICE's support for the SFX Sound Sampler apparently doesn't extend to actually playing samples at the moment (or at least it doesn't seem to work here, the code was cross assembled but tested on real hardware) so you need to mount the disk image and load the second file in the image for 4 bit samples.