Docs Disk 54

by LSD


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Features A Hacker's Guide to the Internet by The Gatsby Version 2.00 / AXiS / July 7, 1991 (textfile), Aladin Preview -AGA- docs by The Crow / Avantgarde (textfile), AmiExpress Profession v4.0 Complete Run-Thru Docs by Jordan / Akira (textfile), Some More Benefactor codes by Fish / LSD (textfile), Complete Docs for The Big 6 CD32 by Legend (textfile), Blitz Basic 2 Library Guide V1.3 (16-10-94) by Jurgen Valks (textfile), Bubble & Squeek Ingame Cheat by Mars Bar / CWUK (textfile), Doc file for Burntime English Version by Mindwalker for Prestige (textfile), Chmapionship Manager End of Season 93/94 Protection Codes by Rash for LSD (textfile), Clockwiser Level Codes by Romkids (textfile), CrossDOS Plus Version 5.06 by Shard / DTL (textfile), Embryo keys (textfile), Full docs for Football Glory by Sim / The Loons (textfile), These Games Are Coming Soon For All Amiga's! (textfile), Full Documents To : Guardian by Catlord / LSD (textfile), How to crack an Amiga game (textfile), 420Mb IDE Conner 3 1/2 Inch Drives Review by AUI November 94, typed by Q on 21st october 94 (textfile), How to fit a external keyboard to a A1200 by Dana Peters (textfile), Kid Chaos Hints by Fish / LSD (textfile), Lactose Intolerance Playing Instructions by MC Fly / RRR (textfile), How To Build a LED Box by Felix (textfile), A List of Monitors Capable of Displaying ALL Modes of the AGA Chipset by Bjorn Stenberg (textfile), Litil Divil Hints and Cheats + Maps by Fish / LSD (textfile), All level codes for Marble Rescue by Bomb To Disneyland (textfile), Maxon Magic docs by Shard / DTL (textfile), The Full Documentation for Mortal Kombat II by Charon / Rednex (textfile), Mr. Blobby docs by RR! / Quartex (textfile), Docs For October Update Oracle by Frosty / Traders Dream (textfile), Professional Page V4 docs by Shard / DTL (textfile), Rise of the Robots Full Manual by Rebel / Traders Dream (textfile), Rise of the Robots moves by Frosty / Traders Dream (textfile), Doc file for Ruff'n'Tumble by Mindwalker for Prestige (textfile), Ruff 'n' Tumble codes by M.A.C.K. / CWUK (textfile), Super stardust AGA Doc by Charon (textfile), Super Stardust codes by Mars Bar / CWUK (textfile), Tempest BBS v3.24 Documentation (October 3rd, 1994) by Michael Bockert (textfile), Full docs for The Clue English version by Mindwalker for Prestige (textfile), Theme Park Full Documents (23/10/94) by Sgt. Piggy & Judge Dredd (textfile), Theme Park Hints and Tips by Fish / LSD (textfile), TurboCalc V2.0 by Shard / DTL (textfile), UFO Enemy Unknown - Technical Supplement by Shard / DTL (textfile), UFO - Enemy Unknown Hints by Fish / LSD (textfile), Uropa The Ulterior Colony the docs (14/10/94) by Python / The Loons (textfile), Vista Lite V3.00 User Manual by Shard / DTL (textfile), World Cup All Time Greats by Charon (textfile).


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