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Reformation 1

by Fairlight

Know something about this production that we don't?

Release date is based on the date published in the file 'LAST MINUTE NEWS', included on the disk, and written in STUBBY-NOTER by Matt/'Tera.

Creeper/Flash Inc. and TG-Acme/Epic appeared as guest artists.

Promotes the bbs Warez Aquarium (+46-660-58352).

Charts based on votes cast for the magazines Moonlight #3 (february), Inquiry #1 (january), Genetic Dreams #16 (january), Splash #14 (january), Addybook 12 (february), Magnetic Media #8 (february), Scene Observer #5 (december), News Press #7 (february), Culture #3 (february), The Link #9 (february), Miracle #7 (march) and Remark 17 (february).



Red Devil / Fairlight Apr 1993

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