Reformation 1

by Fairlight

Advert for Dominic, Warez Aquarium

Release date is based on the date published in the file 'LAST MINUTE NEWS', included on the disk, and written in STUBBY-NOTER by Matt/'Tera.

Creeper/Flash Inc. and TG-Acme/Epic appeared as guest artists.

Charts based on votes cast for the magazines Moonlight #3 (february), Inquiry #1 (january), Genetic Dreams #16 (january), Splash #14 (january), Addybook 12 (february), Magnetic Media #8 (february), Scene Observer #5 (december), News Press #7 (february), Culture #3 (february), The Link #9 (february), Miracle #7 (march) and Remark 17 (february).



Red Devil / Fairlight Apr 1993

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