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Defacto2 Site Intro 2008

by Defacto2 and Electric Druggies and Surprise! Productions


Know something about this production that we don't?



Michu May 2008

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ipggi - 09:17 13 January 2017 #

Since 1996 ......... One web site has continously been 'your source for the underground' We are Defacto2.net ........ and we hold the largest collection of historical crack-scene intros, art, magazines, bbs, file packages and text files anywhere this side of the Internet. Over 6 Gigabytes worth, all cateloged, tagged and dated, So point your web browsers to double-u double-u double-u dot dee e ef a cee tee o two dot en e tee, ( www.defacto2.net ) Defacto2 thanks electric druggies and surprise productions! for this little liquorice-tro. programming is by shockwave graphics are by illusionmaker music is by michu font is by hof this ramble text is by ipggi........