• Pack

Cocktail 112

by Devils


Know something about this production that we don't?

The intro is a little random, and features several different logos, placed on the sides or above the text field, and several different palettes.

Promotes the bbs Plan B (+49-761-808204).

Deicide/TRSI appeared as a guest artist.

Release date is an estimate, based on the text "will be the last one before the party ii" in the scroller, indicating this was released just before The Party 1992, held between the 27th and 29th of december. In addition, releases on the pack are dated as late as december 17th, giving us a pretty good idea.

The disk is installed with the Imagination V2.2 boot by Zulu/Addonic.


Pack contents

Essence Dec 1992
Sceptic Dec 1992
Zenith Dec 1992
Zenith Dec 1992


WOTW / Dual Crew Dec 1992

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