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The Shores of Reflection


Know something about this production that we don't?


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s_t_s - 07:47 14 February 2017 #

The snapshots are just so gorgeous that I am eagerly waiting for video capture :)

menace - 12:26 15 February 2017 #

s_t_s: Don't need to wait any longer - the capture king (that would be Lemming) just came through :)

s_t_s - 10:45 16 February 2017 #

@Menace : yeah ! Great demo, flawless style and transitions ! One question tho : does the credit part run as a stand alone prg? I noticed the start screen of the C64 before it started. Sorry if my question seems silly, surely because it is :) I'm still impressed by 8bit machines, managing to do better than 16bits computers !

tomaes - 12:15 17 February 2017 #

s_t_s: Yes, the note file is a separate executable. I usually include those in the screenshots, as they get rarely documented and often contain extra art, music & info to complement the demo.

s_t_s - 13:36 18 February 2017 #

@Tomaes : Thx for the additional info. Does it mean that most C64 demos do not include credits in the end ? Or are they shown as a separate file ?

tomaes - 16:48 18 February 2017 #

Most groups include greetings & credits in the demo itself; notefiles are somewhat rare these days.