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Know something about this production that we don't?


  • 7an - Code, Graphics, Music
  • Jim Malmros - Graphics (Additional)
  • Troed - Other (Digging up old source code)


7an / SYNC Mar 2017

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7anOfSYNC - 09:27 4 March 2017 #

Hi all,

I coded this game in 1990 and forgot to release it. Thanks to my good friend Troed, also of SYNC, the source code was recently recovered and I decided to make some final changes to it and push it out to the world. (Sorry for the slight launch delay. XD) I also made a new tune in MaxYMiser to spice things up a bit.

The game was inspired by Bounder on the C64 and it's kind of difficult as hell, but with practice one can get pretty damn good at it. There are three levels and then it warps back to level 1 - try to get the highest score you can! You can shoot standard rockets with the fire button and special missiles by pushing up and pressing fire at the same time. There are lots of dangerous tiles to land on (and even shoot); you'll learn which ones with practice. You can pick up some cool stuff like a little helper that will destroy aliens and dangerous tiles for you. You can switch between music and sound effects with the "M" and "S" keys.

Minimum requirements: standard ST, 1 MB. Joystick in port #1 (if you consider the mouse port #0). Runs well in Hatari and Steem though the audio gets messed up (especially in Steem). Not guaranteed to be bug free by any means.

Have fun!


s_t_s - 16:55 5 March 2017 #

Thank you for this release even tho I don't own the gear needed to try it out :( Makes me want to do things again (and release them in 27 years :))

7anOfSYNC - 21:42 5 March 2017 #

You're welcome! You can always run it (and pretty much any other ST software) in the Hatari emulator on almost any computer, or Hataroid on your phone. You can have an Atari ST even if you don't have one. :)

dma - 13:56 12 March 2017 #

Waya, this redefines the concept of "difficult game". ;)