• Demo


by Extream


Know something about this production that we don't?


  • Emphii - Code, Graphics (All other, but Stone stairs, Underpass, Lake Keitele, Rowan berries and Waxwing), Text (greetings)
  • Juha Toikkanen - Graphics (Photos, Underpass, Lake Keitele, Rowan berries and Waxwing)
  • Mace - Code (Greetings screen)
  • Niksu- - Graphics (Photo, Stone stairs)
  • VonDemus - Music (with Tuteju79)

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s_t_s - 13:12 5 January 2018 #

A bunch of quite unusual effects, some better than others but overall it's a very pleasant demo to watch and I really dig the soundtrack too !

evil - 15:09 5 January 2018 #

That's a killer soundtrack!

Emphii - 16:04 5 January 2018 #

Added link to SoundCloud for the sound and 2nd YT-link, which is Live!-mix.

dma - 10:53 6 January 2018 #

Indeed an amazing soundtrack, some creative realistic visual effects, and audio/visual synch!
Great job done on this production.
Also visual effects don't need DSP, as it is most certainly used for MP2 decoding.