The Fall

by Lemon. and The Deadliners

Features the picture The Flow of Time by Made.



Dascon Apr 2018
Dascon and Virgill Apr 2018
Dascon and Virgill Apr 2018
Dascon and Virgill Apr 2018

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Doma - 23:50 1 April 2018 #

Holy shit this was good!

menace - 09:01 2 April 2018 #

Reminded me a lot of where the C64 scene has gone - more away from traditional effects and rather creating large, colorful flowing design. And with the Alice in Wonderland theme, it's easy to draw the lines from this directly to Censor's Wonderland series in that respect :) But that's not to take anything away from this, very solid in what it sets out to do, and with lots of actual graphics, which makes this pixelnerd happy.

ltk_tscc - 11:14 2 April 2018 #

Great Alice in wonderland-themed demo!

Brittle - 14:30 7 April 2018 #

Missed this one, outstanding amount of pixel art, design and graphics. A well deserved 1st place!