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Little Sara Sisters 1.5

by Ice Team

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Know something about this production that we don't?

From the MiniGame website;

Can't really fault this at all. My pick of the bunch.

Very good remake of LSS, a bit too tough maybe (at least for me ;-). Good graphics and catchy music. Controls could be improved a little. 9 levels sounds good too.

A clone of a clone, but this is a amazingly good game. Very nicely done.

Great game. Shame about no animated effects for when an enemy gets squished. Nice Great Giana Sisters clone :)

Not interestingly

Interesting but collision detection very unforgiving.

Still very hard (more difficult than Great Giana?) to play. Difficult to learn how many levels there are.

Better playability than the 4k version. Some doubts about collision. Probably the best of the batch.

Hidden features can made the game more interesting...


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