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Invitation for Sommarhack 2019


Packed in:

The Electronic Knights Jul 2021

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s_t_s - 14:17 3 February 2019 #

An ATARI crew on AMIGA ? Interesting, cannot wait to see a video !

ltk_tscc - 17:11 3 February 2019 #

Well it's not for the first time :)

s_t_s - 06:54 4 February 2019 #

@Lotek : yes I had a look at their demography and remembered that, yet this time this is an AMIGA only prod. :p

Brittle - 08:49 4 February 2019 #

@ltk_tscc: its more of a port of their Atari intro rather than their firstie I guess, they've never released nor made an Amiga demo/intro until now :)

That being said, DHS going Amiga? I dig it.
Amiga OCS invitro for an Atari party? Priceless.
Hope this won't be the last one for a while from these guys :b

evil - 15:27 4 February 2019 #

Download updated to v1.1, it fixes a couple problems, mainly a crash on machines with VBR moved.