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Compo Filler Extraordinaire

by Zokum / Team Hastverk


Know something about this production that we don't?

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Zokum - 02:48 23 April 2019 #

I spent about 90 minutes on this demo. At the compo it actually ran on a Linux machine that was SSHed into from a Windows compo machine, so it's a proper multi platform demo. I handed in both source code and a binary :).

It needs a 24bpp capable terminal to work. Most of the time was spent making a system for a virtual screen buffer which was then output to character data using half blocks with foreground and background colors to simulate a roughly 200 by 120 pixel display. Using more blocks one could even simulate even higher resolutions, but I chose to stick to the glyphs in code page 437 and the classic dos era font.

Not a production I am proud of, it was mostly done as a proof of concept of 24bpp and simulating a pixel grid with haf blocks. It's very buggy.