• Demo

The Elder Scrollers

by Booze Design


Know something about this production that we don't?


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ericorsio - 19:32 30 June 2019 #

Finally a proper Booze release! Not a 2-sider, but short and sweet. I could recognize the photo-realistic pixeling from Mirage instantly at the beginning. Each of the zooming in-and-out effects were unique, which did not add any repetitiveness. Loved the scrollers too (especially that zoomscroller). Wasn't the last one of the zooming effects HCL's entry for "Show me your (vector)balls" (seen on the debugger)? Jailbird's logo and the EoD stars(tm) were a great addition too at the end.

ericorsio - 08:23 1 July 2019 #

Turns out the circular scrolling dragon pic was made by Dane, oh well. Excellent anyhow. Maybe the zoomscroller charset was made by Mirage, though.

Mibri - 22:06 2 July 2019 #

Yep, zoomscroller charset was by Mirage. Awesome prod from an awesome group!