Elegant Machinery

by Evolution


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dma - 21:04 11 July 2019 #

This looks great. Let's hope it'll be released soon. :)

CiH - 22:03 12 July 2019 #

Concur with dma.

This was a pleasure to watch on the party stream. It is a welcome return by Evolution and their most accomplished prod to date. Also really great use of soundtrack. Can it be made to run with accelerated Falcy? Pretty please?

daniel - 01:23 13 July 2019 #

Finally somebody that gives the TT some love! This was a true joy to watch at the party and I'm really looking forward watching it again on my own TT. What a comeback Deez! Keep up the great work!

evil - 12:09 16 July 2019 #

Welcome back Deez! It's been a long wait, but a very pleasant surprise to see a great TT-demo :-)

dma - 15:51 16 July 2019 #

A really nice filled 3D show with great music, congrats for that!

jonord - 16:04 16 July 2019 #

It wont run on my TT though. Black screen at once.

Swe - 20:43 26 July 2019 #

Hey Deez! Nice product indeed, loved it a lot! THX! :)