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Infestation 44

by Rebels


Know something about this production that we don't?

Zoom/The Silents (actually in Anarchy by this point, the fact had been announced about two weeks earlier) and Mel O'Dee/Shining both appears as guest artists. Promotes the bbs systems Pantheon WHQ (206-866-7875), The Rebellion EHQ (+46-40-45-66-49), Hideout (+45-42-64-70-23), Swappers Delight (+49-304-925-646), Waste Time (+358-0505-36-02), Dragon's Lair (+46-42-15-23-73), Artificial Dreams (+33-38534405), Master And Servant (+49-61-06-54-68), Forgotten Realms (+44-27-26-98157).



Mel O'Dee / Shining Dec 1991

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