Destroyerpack 18

by Destroyers


Features APrf v5.00 (09-Feb-92) by Denis Gouelle, Bformat ver3.0 by Bob Bush, Tony Solomon and Rick Bowers, Cloud, Converter V1.00 (may 1990) by Steve Chalmers, DiskX v2.2, GIFFY version 2.5 (HAMGIF) by Steven A. Bennett, Hex V1.01 (Mar 7 1991) by Nicola Salmoria, NewZAP 3.3 (1992) by Dallas J. Hodgson, NoErrors v1.3 by Nic Wilson, Plasma_32 version 1.G by Roger Uzun, Solitaire Poker V1.1 (1991) by Michael Augustsson, TapeCover V1.0 (1991) by Greg Pringle, Text Plus V3.0EN, TrackDOS V1.08 (1990) by Nic Wilson, Virus Checker v6.06, VirusProtector v3.00 Rev.120, Micro WorldDataBase-II version 2.2 and WorldTime v1.1 (1991) by Jonathan Potter..

Release date is an estimate.

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