Black Book List

by Impulse / Steel

Advert for Abnormal Brains, Absolute 0, Acid Brain, Acid Jungle, Acid Rain, Airport, Alibi, Ancient Dreams, Angel Dust, Another World, Aphrodite's Palace, Arcadia, Asgard, Beerkrug, Berlin Amiga News, Bit Jungle, Black Skyline, Board Royal, Breaking The Wall, Caesars Palace, Central Europe, China Town, Concealed Dimension, Crashpoint, Crime Zone, Cyberdyne Network, Danaboard, Dark Century, Dark City of Fear, Dark Data Security, Dark Dungeon, Dark Star, Data Cafe, Deit Time, Digital Crime, Digital Express, Digital Network, Down To Earth, Downtown, Drunkland, Dulcet Tones, Dutch Pirate, Eagle's Nest (0225) [1], East BBS, Fantasy Island, Fastline, Fastline, Flying Saucer, Ghost Town, Gotham City, Graveyard (091), Guru's Dream, Half Brains, Heaven's Door, Hell, Hellfire, High Tension, Holy Hole, Home Sweet Home, ICC BBS, Icehouse, Infinite Dreams, Infosystem, Inner Circle, Innerspace, Insider, Instant Delivery, Invisible Crime (0621), Justice League, Klondyke, Labyrinth, Light House, Line To Heaven, Little Amerika, Living Hell, Logic System, Lucky Strike, Lunatic Asylum, M3-Evolution, Main Frame, Melmac, Metal Church, Midgard, Mind Bomb, Minders Den, Missing Link, Monkey Island, Muscle Beach, Musical Pharmacy, Night Shift, No Access, Paradise, Paranoia, Pleasure Paradise, Pleasure Point, Polish Island, Power Plant, Purple Haze, Red Label, Red Rain, Red Rocks, Reign In Blood, Search & Find, Sign O Times, Skara Brae, Skyfox, Sleep City, South of Heaven, Southern Cross, Space Center, Spherical Dreams, Spiritual Healing, Street Life, Streets of Fire, Swapper's Delight, Temple of Destruction, Terra Station, The Curse, The Dream Zone, The Dungeon, The Forest, The Garage, The Ghetto - Semper in Primis, The Jam, The Krypt, The Pleasure Dome, The Powergrid, The Rebellion, The Software House, The Stress, The Terrordome, The Ultimate Dream, Three Amigos, Timezone, Top Gun, Total Eclipse, Touchdown, Traders Heaven (0431), Trick Or Treat, Turk 51 Zone, Twilight Zone, USS Enterprise, Ultra Box, Unity Fields, Wavespeed, West BBS, Wonderland, Wonderland, World of Wodka

  • Released 1991

Release year is an estimate.

Packed in:

Destroyers Apr 1992

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