2019: A DS-NICCC Odyssey

by K2 and Titan

Blackle/Suricrasia Online and Titus/Rabenauge appeared as guest artists.


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s_t_s - 19:53 29 July 2019 #

Too fast to be enjoyed at a decent pace. What about an improved version with textures or extra scenes ?

Dynamika - 14:50 4 August 2019 #

Very nice demo on dual screen

porocyon - 22:56 19 August 2019 #

s_t_s: you mean in the NICCC animation itself? We were thinking of adding the small ship in the animation, but without depth info in the original file, that'd be a bit hard. Adding textures to it would be hard for the same reason, then. (Unless you want very borked, perspective-incorrect UV interpolation.) Extra scenes... we didn't have time for that :D I had some code, but the artists in TiTAN were unavailable so I had to do a really last-minute call for others to help me out.

s_t_s - 20:37 20 August 2019 #

@Porocyon : thank for letting me know more about behind the stage details. Don't get me wrong your prod looks great but the STNICC remake goes so fast that it makes me dizzy ! :)

porocyon - 15:42 7 September 2019 #

s_t_s: well it's running at a full 60 FPS :D (original is 15ish FPS iirc?) Doing the ST-NICCC animation on the DS isn't very hard while the PSP version runs at 60 FPS as well, thus making it any slower would also make it seem like my code is extremely bad, so yeah... By then I had also seen it way too many times, so I thought making it much slower would also bore the audience. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯