• Demo

2019: A DS-NICCC Odyssey

by K2 and Titan

Know something about this production that we don't?

Blackle/Suricrasia Online and Titus/Rabenauge appeared as guest artists.


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s_t_s - 19:53 29 July 2019 #

Too fast to be enjoyed at a decent pace. What about an improved version with textures or extra scenes ?

Creonix - 14:50 4 August 2019 #

Very nice demo on dual screen

porocyon - 22:56 19 August 2019 #

s_t_s: you mean in the NICCC animation itself? We were thinking of adding the small ship in the animation, but without depth info in the original file, that'd be a bit hard. Adding textures to it would be hard for the same reason, then. (Unless you want very borked, perspective-incorrect UV interpolation.) Extra scenes... we didn't have time for that :D I had some code, but the artists in TiTAN were unavailable so I had to do a really last-minute call for others to help me out.