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by Extream



Tuteju79 and VonDemus Aug 2019

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daniel - 17:03 4 August 2019 #

Oh yes! Extream strikes back with a demo containing some very nicely crafted effects! Exciting and fun to watch! Thanks for a great demo and for showing off some Atari stuff at Assembly!

Emphii - 22:05 4 August 2019 #

I guess Lotek may bite me, but unfortunately we had incorrect version in party system. The (this far) gDrive link is the correct one, that was also shown at the party. We're really sorry about that.

Emphii - 22:24 15 August 2019 #

Final release on Google Drive link - This one supports VGA as well. Enjoy.

Emphii - 15:18 18 August 2019 #

3rd Youtube link is from final version, captured with HAtari, sound captured from real Falcon and edited to almost same as real Falcon RGB version is.