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Battle Chess II

by Skid Row



Know something about this production that we don't?

Welcomes Harvester of Sorrow as a new member. Promotes the bbs systems Dark Dungeon (+49-4173-7832), Light House (+49-2125-92543), Alcatraz (703-323-5997), Amiga East (804-499-2266), Inquisition (805-967-8833), Motherboard I (516-783-1450), Celtic Circle (314-781-5539).

Original bbs file listing;

BCHES2_1.DMS P 529898  07-18-91  Battle Chess II - Disk 1/2.
                                 Cracked by Skid Row
                                 "Slaving to the Grind For You"
BCHES2_2.DMS P 760558  07-18-91  Battle Chess II - Disk 2/2.
                                 Cracked by Skid Row

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