Added in a revision of the original submissions release pack, hence the late release date compared to all other entries of the 4k games competition.

Reviewed in Vandalism News #71.

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tomaes - 07:08 9 July 2020 #

The idea: "Worldometers meets" aka "How fast can you type Argentina"
aka "Let's make a frantic trivia battle quiz game for geography nerds... on old
computers even!" :P

Note that there are 5(!) different versions for 4 different Commodore computers.
- The 4kb version was a last minute thing to compete in the 2020 craptastic game compo
- The VIC20 version is "feature minimal", as it lacks a bunch of stuff from its bigger siblings
- The c128 & plus/4 versions uses some of those machines native features (80 char screen, more colors)
- The c64 versions, as well as c128 & plus/4 share the same hiscore file!

tomaes - 10:36 4 December 2020 #

The source code for all the different platform versions (incl. some so far "hidden" tiny ones) is available under the external link.