by Bonzai


Won for the BEST OLDSCHOOL PRODUCTION in the Meteoriks Awards 2022.


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kudrix - 21:38 17 April 2022 #

Thank you so much, Bonzai! Huge congrats to your Meteoriks award, well deserved! So brilliantly presented on the beloved platform and well said with "Nostalgia - Love - Respect - Friendship - Passion - Fun"! This screen particularly struck me as I had the pleasure and honor of writing an article titled "Demoscene Dark Matter – The culture that makes people stay in the Scene". You might guess why it hit me!
Major recognition goes to fellow Demoscener Ronny who inspired me most to write this paper and basically coined its title. Without the rich, deep, and highly insightful exchange of ideas in the Art of Coding (AoC) Discord channel among Sceners on 5/6 April 2021 this paper would not exist. Greets to all those involved, via their Discord handles, by order of appearance: ronny^frhlnstlgo, melkor / dedux, DiskDoctor, Argasek, Luisa/Poo-Brain^Rabenauge, the_JWPHTER88, Daigoro, goto80, AmigaX86. Thank you for letting me take part and for inspiring me.
I presented (released!) the paper at the Generative Art conference in Cagliari, Sardinia in December 2021. It’s available online in the conference proceedings at page 250: