• Demo

FirST Love

by Overlanders / The Union

Mic/Dune appeared as a guest artist.

Won for the BEST MIDSCHOOL PRODUCTION in the Meteoriks Awards 2022.


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Brittle - 23:01 21 August 2021 #

this just became my new favorite st/e demo, holy shit. it's a beautiful mix of oldskool and newskool.. the whole gfx/design and pace are spot on.

ltk_tscc - 23:09 21 August 2021 #

Rati+Janek+Mr.Bee+Mic+Jess: WTF! AWESOME 2021 MOMENT!

insane - 23:32 21 August 2021 #

What a ride! Awesome work Guys!

mdskay - 00:49 22 August 2021 #

No doubt. A new historical milestone in Atari ST demoscene was set by you guys. Just blown away.

RATI - 07:36 22 August 2021 #

Thanks a lot everyone. Really happy you enjoyed the show :-D

@Brittle, celebrating 35th anniversary of the Atari ST was also about uniting oldschhol and newschool, especially at a party that unites all Atari scenes for so long. Very clever from you to have noticed it ;-)

dma - 09:01 22 August 2021 #

Indeed an amazing prod, so much content, and so many details on all levels, serious work here!

Dbug - 09:39 22 August 2021 #

Can anyone confirm it is a ST demo, and not STe?
4 megs ST are kind of uncommon :D

AdamK - 09:58 22 August 2021 #

@Dbug: it works on STE, but requires only STF.

exocet - 10:34 22 August 2021 #

The demo looks incredible, so polished and so fun to watch! Code, design, graphics, music are all top notch. Thank you so much for that :)

yogib33r - 15:47 22 August 2021 #

any video link please ? would like to watch it ! thanx

YQN - 16:23 22 August 2021 #

Has anyone found something they disliked about this prod yet?

JessOVR - 16:53 22 August 2021 #

Guys thanks for the super comments on the prod!! We're so happy it pleased you, that's the true rewards!!

@YQN we certainly could have done better here and there, and you know the drill, as a composer you only see the flaws in your piece ;) ;) - I wish I'd have more time to refine this pattern here, that sound there, that transition there etc. but at some point, we had to release it so ... ^_^

<3 <3 <3

YQN - 22:25 22 August 2021 #

You guys made me buy RAM

evil - 17:14 23 August 2021 #

Jesus christ guys, epic demo! Code, graphics music, design.. SUPERB!

s_t_s - 17:26 23 August 2021 #

I was waiting for the release and/or a video to enjoy this marvel in good conditions. I cannot wait to watch it properly as the shining jewel made with love that it is. Thank you so much guys for making my heart beat suddenly faster and stronger!

pepe - 18:36 23 August 2021 #

This is a true demo ! They can code, they can draw, they can compose... Bravo !

daniel - 20:06 23 August 2021 #

Uh, oh... I can feel it... the goose bumps! The chain of events leading to this skin change usually starts with a stimulus such as cold or fear... or a new ST demo from the Overlanders in 2021! What a wonderful way of celebrating the 35th anniversary of the ST! Welcome back guys, hope you stay around for a while!

Stranger - 20:16 23 August 2021 #

Amazing Prod, OVR still quality in 2021! congratz Guyz

pandafox - 03:12 24 August 2021 #

this is what "high quality" means :)

Stranger - 01:40 25 August 2021 #

Very honored to be mentioned in this demo! I love you Mates!

twh_f2 - 18:10 2 September 2021 #

awesome prod!! any chance to make this run from harddisk? or is it disk only?

RATI - 16:50 8 September 2021 #

@all, thx a lot for the kind words.

@twh_f2, no plan to make it run on harddisk. Too much rework. So disk only I'm afraid.

RATI - 09:29 30 May 2022 #

Allright, so we've finally released an HDD version of the demo. It's in the ZIP file.