Ankha Intro

by Fenarinarsa




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fenarinarsa - 23:08 11 December 2021 #

This runs on Mega STE with ET4000 VGA card. (VGA cards are rare but standard Mega STE extension)

spiny - 23:43 11 December 2021 #


AtariCrypt - 11:55 12 December 2021 #

Always wanted a gfx card for my Mega STe..... now I really really REALLY want one!

fenarinarsa - 14:07 12 December 2021 #

I did this intro for ET4000/AX because I haven't found a way to do the same on ATI Mach32 (yet) but it's better to get a Mach32. A *lot* faster since it has an internal blitter. Same for ET4000/W32i but it's even more rare.
On ET4000/AX the scrolltext alone takes 40% of the frame refresh time because it has to be drawn using the STE blitter through the slow VME port. So there's not a lot of things you could achieve on it IMO.