• Demo

Merry Twistmas

by Pretzel Logic

Know something about this production that we don't?


  • Epsilon - Code (Twist scroller)
  • Krill - Other (Loader)
  • Mikael - Graphics (Image pixelwork), Text (Scrolltext)
  • ND - Graphics (Design, illustration)
  • Rico - Code (Intro until scroller)
  • Spiham - Graphics (Logo and animation)
  • Xiny - Music

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mikael_pretzellogic - 20:56 22 December 2021 #

God Jul from the Pretzelves! First aired on the Mibri C64 Xmas Demoshow on the 22nd of December 2021. Have a great one, dear sceners!

Trivia: Songs included in the SID by Xiny6581: “The Fallen Stars”, “Happy New Year”, Jul, jul, strålande jul”, ”Autobahn” (see the hat reference) and most importantly ”Tribute to ORB: Humanoid tune 6/Talanted”.