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evil - 21:36 23 August 2022 #

Well done, do I hear a hint of It's a sin in the melody? :)

dma - 13:57 25 August 2022 #

Hey evil,

I suppose you are talking of the track "It's A Sin" by Pet Shop Boys (I searched and it as the first result)? :)
I may have heard it once in a 80's mix, probably.
Not a conscious inspiration, if any, is what I can say. And it could also be an indirect one, who knows. :D

s_t_s - 19:11 28 August 2022 #

Really not bad especially when considering the small size yet the background could have been polished a bit, adding some depth. Maybe it was also possible to darken balls when they were getting smaller and farther? Anyway this is another great prod by Sedma and co!