505 and mOdmate / SMFX Jul 2023

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yogib33r - 12:53 18 July 2023 #

Yes ! wonderfull demo :)

daniel - 13:01 18 July 2023 #

YES! This one deserves a ton of thumbs! That twister is such a beauty and the intro with the burning logo and zooming fuji is perfectly executed! Also love the very playful "we are back" scene. The attention to detail is impressive and very much appreciated!

What really makes my heart smile though is the great graphics and music! I noticed how each part in the demo has its own unique sound that fits the effect perfectly. A lot of work seems to have gone into getting this just right! Also, in quite some parts (such as the "we are back" scene) it's very much the graphics that makes it really shine.

I thought this demo was fantastic at the party, but when watching it again at home I've found it to be more than that! Thanks to everyone involved in creating this cutie!

evil - 23:06 21 July 2023 #

A team of Atari ST experts that there are no, or very few equals to. They produce one amazing demo after the other with skill, dedication and productivity. Hats off, again!

Tomchi - 20:18 16 March 2024 #

Everything has been said by Daniel and Evil way better than I could, boys you rule so hard !
Of course the wink to MUDA put a happy smile on my face :)