Tom Kito

Also known as

  • Kito
  • Tom

Location: United Kingdom Edit location


Member of


YMphibian - Code
Atari ST/E - Chip Music Pack
Effect Aug 2020
Smag-FX 3 - Code (as Tom)
Atari ST/E - Diskmag, Pack
SMFX Jul 2020
Atari ST/E - 256b Intro
Effect May 2020
Silly Venture 2020 Invitro - Code (as Tom)
Atari ST/E - Invitation
Agenda and Hemoroids and Mystic Bytes Apr 2020
Do Old School Intros Possess Artistic Credibility - Other (Design), Code (as Kito)
Atari ST/E - 96K Intro
Effect Dec 2019
I've Quit. - Code (as Tom)
Atari ST/E - 96K Intro
Tom Nov 2018
Atari ST/E - Intro
Tom Oct 2018
Atari ST/E - Intro
Tom Oct 2018
The Interpreter Demos - Text, Graphics (the bad ones), Code (as Tom)
Atari ST/E - Demo
Tom Aug 2017

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