• Demo

Edge of Disgrace

by Booze Design

Know something about this production that we don't?


  • Dane - Code, Graphics, Music
  • HCL - Code, Graphics (2d, design)
  • Jailbird - Graphics (2d, design)

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ericorsio - 15:12 9 April 2018 #

A masterpiece. That's all I can say. Soon it's going to be the 10th anniversary of this classic before this year's X. :P

ericorsio - 18:24 9 April 2018 #

Also, almost typed 'overrated', but I didn't, because it is obvious, though (so many YT captures, that is understandable.).

menace - 15:23 12 April 2018 #

Yeah, this one is a modern classic for sure. Top notch.

ericorsio - 17:30 25 October 2020 #

Happy 12th Anniversary, EoD! You know, it's going to be my annual scene tradition to watch either this or Uncensored at this exact date (gonna personally call this one the 'BD day' :P). Just did it so today afternoon. I still wish this would be topped, at least again by Booze themselves.