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The Admirables are very proud to present Admirables module compile X this disk was compiled by Sonix, and modules were supplied by Sandman. Credits for this intro... Logo by Sandman, Atari logo by Cyclone, Module compile X logo by Cyclone, Code by Sonix, Fonts by Sonix and Music by Big Alec (music was ripped by me, from BA's sound disk one). Ok! i made my latest mod cd about two months ago, and now i have made my last mod cd. Why? you ask... first of all, I am so pissed off by packing and compiling modules only for getting a credid, there is no sense! I can do more! Well i don't mean that people who can't do anything, does only mod compils! But after some compacted disks it's getting to be boring, you just sit hour's front of your ST by waiting that the module is packed. Now i have started to compil Ripped Music Disk two (remember still one?), and it has taken plenty of hours from me! RMD two contains music files from: Jedi, No More, Tao, Big Alec, Scavenger, Cyclone, Jess, Misfits, Tomas D and few others, perhaps you would have it?!? If you wan't it, write to following address, include one blank disk and one pound or international reply coupon. And i'll sent it to you as fast as possible! Believe me there is music for everyone (simply: it's worth of the trouble!)... Here comes the address! Toni Pietila, Vaahtorinne four E seventyeight, zero one six hundred Vantaa, Finland. GREETINGS ARE SENT (IN NO SPECIAL ORDER) TO FOLLOWING CREWS AND PERSONS: ANIMAL MINE (PENGUIN, GIRLFRIEND ANJA, TITAN AND FOXE!) - HEMOROIDS (SINK, STRANGER, MULTI MARMALEDE MIXER, DIEU AND ALDYN!) - ZUUL (EXEC-U AND ZER!) - REPLICANTS (CAMEO AND ELLFIRE!) - SUPERIOR (WANDERER!) - IMPACT (AYOROS, SUNSET AND IRON SIDE!) - DUNE (ALRIK AND MORGAN!) - STRANGER (FREDDY!) - SYNDICATE (BRUCE!) - PULSION (HITCHER, CRAZY BOY, ZASTAPH AND MEAN MACHINE!) - FUZION (DUMP, ST FOREVER AND SMALT!) - INTERNATIONAL CRACKING SERVICE (THE THREAT) - VMAX (ICE AND ROB!) - AGGRESSION (XENIT AND JACKDAW!) - IMAGINA (DRIZZT AND OUTZIDER!) - DIAMOND DESIGN (DRAX!) - THE STORM BROTHERS (DOCNO AND GOLIATH!) - CONDEMNED (ZERDEX!) - EXTREAM (ALL MEMBERS!) - CHRONICLE (GUYER! COOL MUSIC!) - NAPALM SOLDIERS (HAWK AND ELF!) - MAD VISION (SPY 3!) - DNT CREW (BOULDOG!) - FMC CONNEXION (KRYSTAL!) - OVERLANDERS (SPEEDLIGHT, TYPHON, FURYO AND MR. BEE!) - MERCS (X-RAY!) - ELECTRONIC IMAGES (PHANTOM!) - HYSTERIA (X-RAY AND CPT BUG!) - C.I.D. (JUDGE DREDD!) - LEMMINGS (PELE!) - FLASH (SANDMAN AND EXTERMINATOR!) - PROPHECY (SHADOW!) - ISL (FOX!) - ST REBELS (BOTH MEMBERS!) - NEW CORE (BELGER!) - TECHNO GANGSTERS (DOMINATOR!) - CLAN (MANIAC AND LYRICIST!) - DISNEY WORLD (PIPPIN!) - AMBASSADORS (DIGITAL BRAIN!) - DETONATORS (H-CL!) - BPS (JON G.!) - NETWORK PDL (MICHAEL D.!) - EAGLES (ARD AND ZER!) - NEXT (MIT AND ST WAR!) - MEGABUSTERS (BINOUIT AND PRINST!) - RADIATION - DELTA FORCE (NEW MODE!) - LOWER LEVEL (ZCT!) - ETERNAL (SENSE!) - ULM (GUNSTICK!) - TCB - TBC (DOCPROOF AND SKYMADISON!) - MAGNETIC MINDS (THRUD!) - RAINBOW RAIDERS (RIC!) - RANDOM TOX - ADRENALINE - SECTOR ONE - FRAGGLES - TBO - AXARO MEY - U.S.S. (BUI COSMO!) - DUFFY - DADU - ST MAN - VOYAGERS - NOTARIUS - PASSWORDS - EXTACY (OZONE!) - TONY AND ALL THE REST OF OUR FRIENDS AND FUNS! ... Wrap time!