PCW Show 1988:

"11th PCW show"


Other PCW Show parties:

Pre-report in Illegal #30 (17 september). Reports in Illegal #31 (15 october), Pirates #7 (october), Cracker Journal 10 (15 november), Exceller 8 1 (4 december) and Smasher #1 (december).

The Bad Tongue #4 mentions a "big copy-party" that took place after the commercial show. "Everything that was released at the show for the Amiga, was released at the copy-party. Even though only 2 per group could enter the party and the whole house was packed." Cracker Journal 10 reports, "On Saturday after the show there was a copy-party somewhere near London".


Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Hotline Nov 1988
Commodore 64 - Cracktro
Legend Sep 1988
Paper - Papermag
Jeff Smart Sep 1988
Commodore 64 - Music
EVS / 20th Century Composers Sep 1988
Amiga OCS/ECS - Pack
ANC Europe Sep 1988

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