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Music Disc 1

by Big Alec


Know something about this production that we don't?

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There are some lovely tunes here

mOdmate - 16:53 30 October 2018 #


Hi and welcome to Music Disc I, made by Gunnar Gaubatz. Use your mouse to roll the tube and click with the left mousebutton at an appropriate position to select a piece of music. Press <SPACE> to exit. This scroller will be used mainly to mention existing copyrights, and to say a few thanks and hellos. Let's start with the copyrights: The copyright of this little demonstration is of course owned by me. The copyright of the musics of No Second Prize is owned by Thalion Software GmbH. The copyright of the Locomotion music is owned by Kingsoft GmbH. The copyright of the Twilight Beyond music is, as far as I know, owned by the composer himself, Mr Johannes Bjerregaard (BTW, I really adore the composition. I think it belongs to the few best computer sounds ever made. That is also, why I have (tried) to convert it to the ST!) Ok, that were the copyrights. Just a few credits, where credits due: All code and most graphics by G. Gaubatz, Big font by Niklas Malmqvist, music programming by G. Gaubatz. For composing I use my own Soundeditor called >> Triplex <<. I usually don't use digidrums (although I have a routine), because I don't see any advantage in using them. I got quite a few compliments for my soundchip drums, where people thought it were sampled drums, when they first heard them... Now let me say a few thanks and hellos: Thanks a lot to Synergy (esp. Scavenger) for the great idea of the SID-voice! - Matthias Steinwachs (You know for what!) - Thalion (Hi Erik! Now how do you think about this sound?) - Kingsoft - Prestige Software (What about the fast delivery? I did the conversion of Locomotion in 3 days!). Now a few hellos: Hi to Eclipse Software (I hope this Sounddemo DOES impress you a bit more, Marc) - Steffen - Jochen U. - Rainer - Felix - Assi - Nina - Witschy - Katja - Dani - Karl - Daffy - Mez - Cyril - Stefan K. - Stefan B. - Klaus - Michael R. - Michael B. - Jochen H. - Michael R. (No. 2) ... and everybody else I forgot ...... Let's talk a bit about the technical aspect. If you are a games-programmer, who wants to include one of my sounds with the SID-voice into his game, he has to make sure, that he doesn't disable the Timer D (which the SID-voice runs on). The soundroutine in its current version takes a maximum of about 13 scanlines (including the Timer D interrupts), but future versions should be much faster. Anyway, one should rather keep an eye on the soundquality than on that tiny bit of CPU-time, don't you think? Ok, that was it. The text will restart right now..........