The Union Demo

by The Union

Hidden screen: Go below of the TEX-logo and press fire.

The Character is called "Charly".


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rockabit - 08:50 17 February 2016 #

A thunderous classic of all time in the ST-Demoscene. The first Megademo of it's kind releases all-time memories, only by watching "Alf" on the street. Every screen is a classic, especially the Super-Multiplane-Landscape of the Carebears, the first Full-Overscan-Fullscreen by Level16 and the Vector-Screen by TNT. It's funny, but only by seeing the screenshots i can hear the music. It's even more funny that i even can remember, how i sad before the computer watching the colorful screen and suddenly remember as well, how my room was lookalike. Kind of spooky what a few pictures can do....