Enduro Racer Cracktro

by ST Computer Service

ENDURO RACER was cracked by ~~~~~~~~ THE LORD ~~~~~~~~ from STCS Greetings to the bests on atari ST: 42 CREW TEX B.O.S.S. TSUNOO MMC TNT HOB Others greetings to: The contact Rocket Raccoon Blade runner Falcon-X A-ha,CSS,BXC The Cobra Wourdalak Cr. German Man SPECIAL GREETINGS TO G.I.O.D. for THE ORIGINAL. About Dungeon Master: My version kills your adventurers every 45 min. To avoid this protection save your game every 40 min. Sorry, but I hav'nt the time to crack it again. THE PROTECTION WAS VERY EASY TO CRACK! PLEASE, USE IT AGAIN!


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