• Demo

The EMHAA Dentro

by The Foundation Against EMHAA


Know something about this production that we don't?



Tao / Alien Cracking Formation ^ Cream Sep 1992

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mOdmate - 16:56 30 October 2018 #


ALL THE MENTIONED NAMES ARE ONE AND THE SAME PERSON! WE JUST CALL HIM EMHAA!! HERE IS A DCK DEMO OF HIM, WE'VE RIPPED IT FROM ONE OF HIS MEGADEMOS...... WELL, DID YOU LIKE THIS DEMO? HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT IT WAS WRITTEN IN A DEMOMAKER? EM-HAA CAN'T CODE, SO HE MAKES EVERYTHING IN DEMO CONSTRUCTION KITS! HERE IS AN OTHER EXAMPLE OF AN EM HAA DEMO. THIS TIME IT'S WRITTEN IN TITLEDESIGNER. THE MUSIC HE USES IS MADE BY AGENT T OF ACF, BUT EM-HAA CLAIMS HE MADE IT. THIS PROBLEM OCCURS VERY OFTEN. OFCOURSE HE RIPPS ALL SOURCES AND GRAPHICS.......AND NOW, AT LAST, THE CREDITS FOR THIS DEMO. SEE YA SOON IN ANOTHER - FOUNDATION AGAINST EM HAA - PROJECT!!!! THIS BABE WAS RELEASED AT JUDGEMENT DAY IN 1992 AT THE INT. ANTI EM-HAA PARTY.FOUNDATION AGAINST EMHAAPresents their first anti-lamer demo. THE EMHAA DENTRO!We decided to make this demo because EMHAA is a very biglamer. He steals sources. He modifies them a little bitand claims everything was done by himself.You can laugh about it but it's the very utterly truth.We met this guy, and we want to prevent you to meet him!Description: Smooth talking, says he can do anything, his demos look alike others esp. the DCK ones. He hasn't shaved for a week.He can't do anything in ST business although he says..... In brief: --We actually met the BIGGEST lamer in universe-- Foundation against Emhaa send greets to:Synergy, Sentry, Overlanders, D.B.A., Delta Force, Zuul,TCB (Hi to riasroc ulle packar up demot), Electra, Agression,The pixel twins, Imagina, ICS, Animal mine, Legacy and ULM.

havoc - 22:56 19 April 2021 #


The rest is the boot screen ;)