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Module Compilation #11 - Magrathea

by The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation


Know something about this production that we don't?

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ltk_tscc - 15:56 14 May 2016 #

The intro features some of the first "released" voxel and fire-effects on ST.

s_t_s - 14:30 16 May 2016 #

Well if you allow me to add something :

1. To me the first voxel effect is the one found in the STAX Rumpelkammer demo. Sure the demo was relased in 1999 but the voxel part is said to be done between 1993 and 1995. More about voxels on my blog at https://democyclopedia.wordpress.com/category/v/

2. About the fire effect, also feature on my blog btw, I tought the first one was done by Checkpoint with their Drooling screen. Yes as I wasn't so sure, I checked the release date and it happens to be the very SAME as this tSCc prod ! So let's call it a draw :) More about fire effects on my blog at https://democyclopedia.wordpress.com/?s=fire

Anyway this intro is very cool and reminds of times when tSCc truly kicked asses ! Llam was such a great coder that I'm pretty sure he would have given Defjam a hard time, had he kept on coding :/

ltk_tscc - 09:04 17 May 2016 #

sts: Please read what I wrote... I said "released"... I never claim that we did the first... neither on fire or voxel... I said "some".

s_t_s - 09:18 17 May 2016 #

ltk : and don't get my wrong, I'm just trying to see who did what in the first place :) You are so touchy sometimes :P