Emmanuel Marty


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Productions (5)

Quantum Leap - Code (zx0 packer/depacker)
Sinclair QL - Demo
Noice and SMFX May 2024
Sommarhack 2024 Reminder - Code (Additional: ZX0 depacker)
Atari ST/E - Invitation
Cerebral Vortex and Dead Hackers Society and Sector One May 2024
Going - Code (Additional: ZX0 depacker)
Atari ST/E - Demo
Spiceboys Apr 2024
Clubisque - Code (ZX0 depacker)
Amiga OCS/ECS - Demo
Dead Hackers Society and Ephidrena and Lemon. and SMFX and iNSANE Jan 2023
Windows - Tool
Emmanuel Marty and introspec Jun 2020

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