Also known as

  • Mr. Fish - Mr.Fish

Location: Göteborgs Kommun, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Keldon was a modemtrader and sysop of the amiga/nes bbs Aquarium. It ran for Hellfire and Giants in may 1998, and for Royal in 2000.

Used to be a swapper under the name of Mr. Fish. Advert in the "Contacts Wanted" (contax.nfo) swapping list. Swapping advert in Hokus Pokus 4 (September 1996).

He signed his bbs trades as such;

[*] KELDON OF HELLFIRE & LIGHTFORCE 1997 [*] (october 1997)
<(*)>kELDON/hELLFiRE<(*)> AQUARiUM bBS <(*)> (january 2000)


Productions (4)

Keldon Feb 1997
NightTrain 1 - Other (editor)
Giants Dec 1996
Amiga AGA - Diskmag
Giants Dec 1996
Showtime 3 - Text (guest editor)
Amiga AGA - Diskmag
Ram Jam Jun 1996

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